New @Hanau negative rake carbide inserts (nc woodturning tools)

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Jun 20, 2016
Carlsbad, CA
Regarding the new negative rake carbide inserts from @hanau aka John at

I just want to say they are a game changer for me. I have turnered Polyester resin blanks in the past, and it has been painful. I would always slip up in some form or fashion and boom chipout.
So we are clear, I am specifically talking about Acrylester blanks

So I had a long conversion with John @hanau about negative rake inserts and he fixed me up with a few.
So today I used the 12mm round cutter and turned 3 pens, with not a single catch.
Seriously, it was game changing for me. I was able to turn these, with out an issue, it was just as easy as turning alumilite, however with much light cuts.
If you have ever turned these, you know they are a pain. However, the negative rake cutters really handled business with no stress.

****added a 2nd and 3rd image showing the blank state without sanding. Notice 0 chip out.

I plan on buying more, thank you


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