New carbide holder

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Feb 8, 2004
Northern California
I ordered a new carbide holder from Ebay. It was $12, and included a 16mm square cutter, screw, and Torx driver. I didn't order a handle for it, because, well, I'm cheap. I figured I could wrap it with rubber friction tape like I did my existing homemade holder. Unfortunately, it's a little short. Not unusable, but still uncomfortable to use. Instead of ordering the handle, I bought a wood file handle at Ace Hardware, because, I'm cheap. They had six sizes, and I bought #5 for $6 (the handle on Ebay is $12). I wish now I had bought the biggest, but it is better than the friction tape. Handle issues aside, I really like the holder. It's round (my homemade holder is square), which makes it easier to rotate for shear cuts.


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