Needed a win... Ironwood and Nickel Blade

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Aug 13, 2020
Central Valley, California
A friend at the hospital asked me for an Ironwood Click pen. I had one nickel click kit left!

I turned this blank differently because whatever I was doing seemed to end in disaster.

I used my calipers and got the ends close, but after putting the pen together, I feel I could’ve got it closer. Normally, I round the ends but I left them flat. Next pen I think I’ll get them closer.

Okay, now the real difference was the sanding. After reading several posts, particularly @magpen, I decided to try the longitudinal sanding. This was challenging, but did give good results as I started to get the hang of it. I have found I’m a little heavy handed!!

However, I loved the outcome! I also found that I was spending less time sanding.

The finishing was a good coat of boiled linseed oil, thin CA, and another thin layer of CA. Several coats of medium CA later... sanded 400, 800,1500 and then One step plastic polish. I buffed it with a cotton buffing wheel, holding the wheel up to the lathe. (I didn’t feel like switching it over)

So, this was my experience today. Thanks for looking!


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