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Jan 8, 2019
Many of you have years of experience so may have the answers on the top of your head. I, however, am only beginning my journey and would appreciate some assistance.

I have a client who has an emblem they want engraved on some pens. They specifically want everything high-end (very subjective I know). I have a Neje 1500 w/ the pen jig. Pretty easy right? Well they don't just want the outline, that would be too easy, they would like it in shades. The emblem has three colors, so three shades. Also, the emblem is very angular, think a very angular mosaic. (Due to the contract, I can not share the emblem)

I've come to a few problems:
  • having done some test burns, seems that I need lighter colored wood to show the shades of laser engraving properly, currently I'm thinking curly maple so there is something to show other than the emblem
  • finding the right "high end" pen kit that goes well with lighter wood and does not detract from the emblem
  • the pen kit I have been looking at (wall-street-ii-elegant-ballpoint-pen-kit-black-titanium-and-platinum) uses one blank and has a band with swirls on it that I don't think it will look right with the angles of the emblem, and again, what is high end to the customer

I would appreciate thoughts and ideas. Which wood, which pen kit, anything really. If I've been too vague, let me know.

Thank you to everyone who responds in advance!


Feb 2, 2011
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
There are plenty of woods to choose from ... with probably just about any shade you'd like.

I suggest you look at the offerings of the IAP member named wood128. . Joe posts a new wood blank sale every Wednesday. . You can look at many of his past listings, each with about 10 different species of wood, to get some ideas. . Just use the Search feature of this website and then do Advanced Search and enter wood128.

Once you get a feel for the shades available and the names of the woods, you can do searches elsewhere in order to zero in on what you want. . There are quite a few vendors of exotic hardwoods.

Instead of the Wall Street II Elegant, you could consider the Elegant Sierra, or the Sierra Elegant Beauty ... both should be pictured at or and also at . They have patterning that is different from the Wall Street and might be more suitable for you.

That pen kit is around the $20 point depending on the plating, but is not quite what I would call high-end (which is, of course, a relative term). It is getting up there, and is a single barrel pen just like the Wall Street.

If you want genuinely high-end, have a look at the Emperor pen kits ... ... possibly also the Statesman kits.

A Google search for "Statesman pen kit" might yield something useful.

By the way, as I said following your first post .... Welcome to IAP !! . It is good to have you on board !!!
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May 2, 2017
Northwest IN
For classy but simple elegant, i tend to turn to the Caballero (Exotic Blanks exclusive), Beaufort Leveche (Turners Warehouse is the US distributor), Sedona or Baron (made by Berea, available from them, Exotic and others). All are roller balls, with clean lines and easy to make. All in the $13 to $17 range.
A little less money, and you have the Vertex ballpoint click and Vertex magnetic Roller ball--both made by PSI and available at Exotic and others. Both are long single tubes, plenty of room to show the blank & logo.
Just my initial thoughts.
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