Name Plate Engraving

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Feb 22, 2005
Does anyone still do things like name plate engraving like they use to in a Trophy shop? Or is everything done with lasers? I would like to dip my toe in the possibility to be able to put small initials or names on small gold plated tags but need something simple and clean. We use to have a few trophy shops near me but that seems to be a dyeing artform too. Would like some recommendations for tools that can do this neatly. Now I have a handheld pencil etcher but my hand is not that steady to do by hand. What say you for a job like this? If you do something like this I would like to see a photo of your work and what is the method? Thanks.
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Years ago (like 40 or more) a friend of my Dad's in Knoxville showed me how he did photo etching if metal in his basement.

It seemed to be a less equipment/skill intensive method of etching metal vs engraving that had likely gotten easier to do and home over the years. Maybe something to look into that would meet your needs. Especially if you want to do it yourself.
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