My Very First Burl

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Jun 9, 2017
Columbus, Nebraska, USA
Greetings from Nebraska. In a moment of weakness about a week ago I bought some burls on eBay. This is the first one that I have turned. The wood is a burl of Rambutan, which is from the soapberry family, the same fruit bearing tree family as lychee and longan fruit. Here is what the seller had to say about it:

Rambutan is a hard, tough, and strong wood with wild interlocked grain. Because of the fruit's economic importance, healthy rambutan trees are not harvested for lumber so availability is generally limited to pruned branches, trimmings, and storm damaged orchard trees.

I was very careful as I've read that burl's turn best when they are stabilized, but I gave it a go anyway. The kit is an "all brass" kit from Turners Warehouse. I think the pen turned out quite nice for being my first burl. I may have to try to get some more of this Rambutan wood.

Dave (egnald)

IMG_1194 Cropped.jpg
IMG_1195 Cropped.jpg
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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
Beautiful pen, excellent fit and finish, and awesome pairing with the kit!

Well done. đź‘Ť Very nice pictures also.
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