My version of the "Walking Bowl" maybe a little drunk!!

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Feb 5, 2004
Watson, Louisiana, USA.
Another demo I took at SWAT was done by Rebecca DeGroot on making a "Walking Bowl". Interesting project, but not as easy to do as what she showed in the demo. Oh well, you have to try it to learn from your mistakes. My version of what kind of looks like a "Drunk Walking Bowl". The bowl is not the hard part to do other than the area where the legs attach. In my case, I did not leave enough material in the area, lesson learned. The hardest part is turning three or how ever many legs you want your bowl to have and get them all the same or even close. Then you have to cut them apart to glue back together to get the bends and angles. Will have to take that test over again and hope I make a better grade. It was a great demo though and a fun project to attempt. Hopefully some of the other members from the club that went to the demo will show theirs. The bowl is Mahogany and the legs are maple, dyed with black trans tint dye.


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Dec 6, 2017
Lake City, Minnesota
I sorta looked like that many weekend nights in college! Interesting concept and I can see how there will need to be many bowls staggering about until you get a straight walker...
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