My loss is your gain..selling all my kits...

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Jun 13, 2005
Here is what I have a long with 2 boxes of pen blanks wood and Corian and want tó sell it all in one big lot.

8 Bolt action pen kit
6. Jr. comm pen kit
1 aristocrat kit
11 cigar kits
16 slimline kits
12 Christmas ornament kits
4 euro pen
3 Polaris
5 perfume pen kit
4 executive pen kit
9 skyline pen kit
4 fountain pen kit
2 sketch pencil kits
3 teachers pen
1 buffalo bullet pen
3 slimline pencil
3 keyring knife kit
2 cigar pencil kit
1 magnetic pickup tool kit
7 sierra pen kit Christian fish band
3 peppermint kits
2 yoyo kits
10 themed pen kits baseball and music note
4 baseball bat kits
3 30/06 pen kits
2 civil war pen kits
I phoenix pen kit
4 St Charles pen kit
7 screwdriver pen kits
1 50 caliber pen kit
2 flip stylus pen kit
2 premium flashlight kit
2 mini penlight keychain
3 pd badge 3 fd badge slimline clips
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