My loser and dis-qualified pens

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Jul 17, 2017
Washington, IN
Here are my two BASH pens.
My slimline was disqualified as I didn’t read the rules well enough. When I see slimline I think anything with a 7mm tube. The rules indicated THE slimline or funline Kit, so I was rightfully DQ’d.

This was a hybrid Apple with an Alumilite fill. One of my first hybrid efforts and it turned well. I chose a Pens Plus finish with a wax coat on this one.

The one that did make it into the contest was what I believe to be a stabilized palm. This blank was ? In a group of blanks I purchased and was not identified in my inventory. It was stabilized with a purple color which does not show. It turned pretty well and I left a little extra for fear of the ends tearing. They did, and I left enough to make it go away.

I decided on a CA finish on this one and it was a bear. Much of the twisted grain was solid from the stabilization but still open. I applied 4-5 layers of thin followed by the same amount of medium. Scraped the surface down and sanded smooth. Still some pockets, so blew it out, cleaned it up and applied a drop of straight Alumilite black liquid tint to mask a few white spots I couldn’t get out. Cleaned surface again and repeat the CA process. By the 3rd evolution I went ahead and polished, then applied my wax again. Not as good of a finish as I wanted but as good as I was going to get for this piece.
I knew some folks do not care for the cast, “gimmicky” kits like the gothic and figured that would hurt me some in the voting, but of the copper kits I had I felt the detail went well with the wood.

For what it is worth, I am not a fan of this kit myself now that I have made one. It is quite heavy but has the full length inner tube that is a part of the nib end, attaching to the transmission on the clip end. Basically you twist the nib, or the entire body, to extend and retract. As such, The is a bit of body movement between the two tubes and the transmission must be unscrewed to replace the refill. It would take sales interest for me to buy more of this kit, unless I modify it.

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