My First Newfoundland Birch Burl Pen

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Oct 4, 2018
PThis is a very special one as it's the first Newfoundland Birch Burl Pen I've ever made.

It's made from a slice of a volleyball sized Birch Burl. I've included some pictures of the Burl I processed and began drying approximately 10 weeks ago. This is the first piece to get down to 6% moisture.

Newfoundland isn't known for its hardwood so finding a usable Burl is somewhat rare. (I spend a lot of time hunting for them and it can take days to find one.) This one had an odd bark coating but it was beautiful on the inside.

It's coated with 8 coats of Cyanoacrylate and paired with Black and Gold Churchill hardware. No stain or oil, just the natural Birch Burl colour.


“Pen Turning on the Rock”
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