My $8.00 pen press

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Jul 3, 2023
Part of me loves to try to do things on the cheap or scrounged. I present my $8.00 pen press. Had everything on hand to build the frame. The lever press was 8 bucks on Amazon. Used it earlier to press my 1st pen together and to press the top and bottom parts in on a rockler ornament kit.
Just need to put a little longer something over the handle for a little better leverage. But works... 20230917_140850.jpg20230917_140839.jpg
Very ingenious! The press I settled on is a arbor press. Only because I find it easier to align the parts vertically than horizontally. Cost about $20 when I bought it. And I agree with you about saving money when you can. Usually I try to scrounge for what I need also.
My Milescraft press works great plus it's small and easy to use. The press doesn't take up much room at the back of the bench when not needed. The flip down spacers are quick and easy to use, no fumbling around with extra spacers trying to get the spacing right to push in a small part or pushing in the last part on a long pen. It's definitely worth the $45 I paid for it, not sure I would have purchased it at it's current Amazon price of $60 though for ease of use it's probably still worth it.
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