Mr. Anonymous Game #69 @ 29/10/2019

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Aug 6, 2009
Australia - SA Adelaide Hills
G'day peoples,

Time to play and this time I will make it simple and easy, right...?😑

You don't need to have any great skills or specialities in wood or pen making/woodturning related for participating in this particular game, it is based on a true event that happened a few days ago.

One morning all of a certain I lost the ability to use my home phone, I couldn't send or receive calls but interesting I still had internet so, I contacted Telstra my provider to request assistance with this matter. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they confirmed that was an issue with the line, was it outside the house or in...?
no one could tell so they send a technician the following morning to determine where the problem was.

This poor guy got here at 7:00 am and the day was going to be a hot one so, he determined that the problem was outside the house but where...?

There are multiple connection boxes between the house and the main exchange tower at the end of this street about 1000 meters away so got working on pinpoint the line "faulty spot" that endup being a breakage, by someone digging a trench to have the power and sewer connected to a newly vacant lot that has just been sold. The cable was completely cut off but filled back with soil after the other works were done, those responsible claimed that they didn't see it cut, I doubt but that was the story.

So, my question is;

At what distance in meters from my place, the cable has been cut...? Let's say from 25 to 975 meters.

I would like to remind you all of the new conditions I introduced in game #32 and that is what actually the gift voucher amount will be spent on, and allow the actual winners to make their own choices. The only RULE that I ask you all to respect is that I allow each 1/3 of the value amount (AU$100.00) to be used for the selection of blanks/packs between the 3 main blanks types I make/sell, there is, raw/natural wood blanks, stabilized blanks/packs and Resifills (cast blanks), this means basically that you can select 1/3 of each type or all raw/natural blanks but never the voucher amount of all stabilized or Resifill blanks, I hope this has come clear if not, let me know...!

A voucher code will be sent by PM or email to the winner that will use it to put his/her's order, any freight/shipping is not included in the prize/voucher so, you will be requested at checkout to pay for posting.

PS: You are allowed 3 guesses but each guess on a separate post

Good luck...!

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Aug 16, 2018
Longmont, Colorado
Not going to participate in this one because other people ought to have a shot at getting George's blanks. They're just awesome. Last night I got my box from game #68 and they're causing quite the stir in my house.


Good luck to everyone!
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