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Mar 25, 2005
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It has been suggested that I index the movies I've made for Exotics, then "sticky" it to our little corner of IAP. Well, this will be my attempt to do that. We'll see if it works (I am not a computer whiz)

EB --Wood related
SNM-reinforcing wood blank Sunday night movie--12-1-13--reinforcing wood blanks and turning a pen - YouTube EB
cross grain spalted pen from cross grained spalted wood - YouTube ED4cop
Facing the blank Pen turning-facing on the lathe with sandpaper - YouTube ED4cop
pen finishing Pen finishing.mp4 - YouTube ED4cop

EB --Plastics and other materials
pen turning with a skew Pen turning with skew #1.wmv - YouTube EB
Abalone on sierra gm-chr Abalone on sierra gunmetal and chrome - YouTube EB
Abalone making Abalone making - YouTube ED4cop
Acrylic-pheasant feather Pen turning-acrylic-pheasant feathers-gouge, scraper, skew - YouTube ED4cop
pen turning from Cherry pit blank Pen turning from Cherry pit blank - YouTube ED4cop
turning "chequered flag" Turning "chequered flag" blank - YouTube ED4cop
zebra acrylic or pr Pen turning from "Zebra acrylic or PR" - YouTube EB
Chiyogami-yuzen Chiyogami
Circuit board--D shaped mold Circuit board Sierra - YouTube EB
Rotacrylic Rotacrylic from MasterScroller at - YouTube EB
Whalebone 2 Whalebone Virage start to finish - YouTube EB
Whalebone 1-drilling Drilling the whalebone pen blank - YouTube EB
Turning plastic poorly Turning plastic poorly - YouTube
facing the feather blank facing the blank - YouTube
Serpentine closed end: Serpentine closed end
SportSupport: SportSupport Blank
Steampunk by MIK: Steampunk
Omni-Ribbon by Rob: Omni-Ribbon

How to
Align the drill press: Drill press align
ED4cop #1 Drill the blank HOW TO #1: Drill the blank - YouTube
ED4cop #2 Trimming the blank HOW TO #2: Trimming the pen blank - YouTube
ED4cop #3 Gluing tubes HOW TO #3 Gluing tubes in the blank.mp4 - YouTube
ED4cop #4 Prepping the blank HOW TO#4 Prepping the blank.mp4 - YouTube
ED4cop #5 Turning HOW TO #5 Turning - YouTube
ED4cop #6 Squaring HOW TO # 6-Squaring the blank.mp4 - YouTube
ED4cop #7 Sanding and turning HOW TO #7- Sanding & Turning - YouTube
ED4cop #8 buffing HOW TO #8--Buffing.mp4 - YouTube EB
Tubeless pen turning1 Tubeless pen turning1 - YouTube EB
Pen turning without brass tubes pen-turning without brass tubes, making bushings at home!! - YouTube EB
Reverse paint an acrylid reverse paint an acrylic pen blank - YouTube EB
SNM why and what color to paint Sunday night2--Why and what color to paint tube or backpaint - YouTube EB
SNM Selecting the pen blank Sunday night at the movies---Selecting the pen blank - YouTube EB
Pen turning--facing on the lathe Pen turning-facing on the lathe with sandpaper - YouTube
45 Cal pen kit - 45 Cal
Glacia pen - Glacia
Pirate bone by Neptune - Pirate bone
"Lava series" blanks - Alumilite beauties

EB Miscellaneous topics
Zodiac pen kit Zodiac Pen Kit from Exotic Blanks is shown. - YouTube EB
Stylus replacement on Sierra stylus replacement on sierra - YouTube EB
Stars and Stripes laser Stars and stripes laser kit-Sunday night movie - YouTube EB
Longline Slimline longline slimline - YouTube EB
Maj'k Pen blanks Maj'K pen blanks--CONTEST - YouTube EB
Inking a fountain pen Inking a fountain pen with a converter - YouTube EB
fountain pen assy--baron or sedona fountain pen assembly baron or sedona - YouTube EB
Intro to Exotic Blanks new website An introduction to the NEW website - YouTube

Cholla cactus fill and finish Cholla cactus fill and finish--mp4 - YouTube ED4cop
Completing the cholla pen Completing the cholla pen - YouTube ED4cop
Cholla-turn face Cholla--turn-face.mp4 - YouTube ED4cop
Drilling cholla blank Drilling cholla blank - YouTube

It appears to have WORKED!!!!

IF you find a link that goes to the wrong movie, let me know--in this forum I can edit forever.

Comments, :smile-big: applause :bananen_smilies051::bananen_smilies051:and throwing money :worship::worship:will all be encouraged!!! (This took a while!!)

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