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Apr 12, 2013
Will ship SFRB or your preferred method. All prices plus shipping. Reply to post.
All kits have instruction sheets.

PKFP 4000 Vertex Click Pen Chrome 2-kits 6.00 ea SOLD
PKFP 4010 Vertex Click Pen Gunmetal 3-kits 6.00 ea SOLD
PKFP 4100 Vertex Click Pencil Chrome 2-kits 5.00 ea SOLD
PKFP 5010 Vertex Rollerball Kit 2-kits 8.00 ea

PKL750 Oxford Rollerball Chrome 2-kits 5.00 ea(older style) SOLD

PKCP6020 OverUnder Shotgun RB Gunmetal 1-kit 10.00 ea SOLD
PKCP6000 OverUnder Shotgun RB Gold 1-kit 11.00 ea SOLD

PKKPENCH Stratus Pen Kit Chrome 2-kits 4.00 ea SOLD

PKGRADGM Graduate Twist Pen Gunmetal 5-kits 5.00 ea

PKAPCFP Apollo Closed End FP Rhodium 4-kits 8.00 ea(older kits)
PKAPCRP Apollo Closed End RB Rhodium 3-kits 8.00ea(older kits)
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