More Cardstock, '57 Chevy Inspired

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Feb 20, 2019
Canandaigua, NY
I have always liked the '57 Chevy color combination of Tropical Turquoise and Ivory (The car is not the same color but you can see the inspiration). This is my take on the combination fading from dark to light and back (My daughter informed me that this is called an Ombre, who knew?). Each stripe is 14 layers of card stock.

For this pen I created a billet out of the paper and then used it for the segmenting. I'm still trying to refine the process, using this much paper and thin CA creates a very exothermic reaction as it polymerizes. Lots of smoke, fumes and heat. Definitely need a respirator and good ventilation if you're going to try it.

I laid out all of the paper strips in order approx 8" X 3/4" in a right angle jig and wrapped on 3 sides with a plastic shopping bag. Working in sections, I flooded it with thin CA making sure it was between all layers and then compressed it with a scrap piece of 2X4. Once set I moved on to the next section and repeated the process until the whole strip was done. Peal the plastic, sand off the flash and you have a very hard type of fiberglass or micarta that machines quite well.

Thanks for looking, comments welcome.
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