Mokume Gane Fountain Pen: Minimalist Design

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Aug 27, 2009
Houston, Texas
Have not really made any pens lately as it has been a bit hectic. Made some time recently to make a pen from a bar of 3 metal twist pattern Mokume Gane. Made this a gift for a friend at Christmas who seems to enjoy simplistic designs and apparently liked just the rod. Polished to 600 grit, patinated and not sure how many coats of lacquer. Spray can top broke and and liquid started coming out so I just poured the contents on to the pen. Need exhaust fan in workshop/garage. Sports a Bock #6 polished nib with a German ebonite section. Apparently, I made a mistake by putting a clip on it. Couldn't help myself.😜Was fun making it. Hope you like it.
I hope and wish for each and everyone of you and your families a Safe, Happy and Healthy Year. Warm Regards, Doc🙂
Mokume Gane Fountain Pen.JPGMokume Gane Fountain Pen_1.JPG
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