Mini Review Mohawk dealer- great selection and service

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Jan 27, 2011
Valley Center CA is the online arm of Altura Paint Center in Vista, CA. They carry the Mohawk line of finishing products, including the waterborne finishes, lacquers, and padding finishes, Trans Tint dyes, and many other finishing products. For pen-makers, most of these would be of little interest, but they have a couple of lines of stains and touch-up products that I am finding to be very useful.

I have quite a bit of left-over stock from my furniture repair business, and I have been playing with the Mohawk touch-up products, such as the Blendal sticks, powder stains, and melt-in sticks on my pens.
The powders do a great job of coloring epoxy and toning wood. The Blendal sticks look and act like crayons. You dot on the color, smear it with your finger, and lock it with your finish. A shot of lacquer works well.
The fill sticks are nice for holes and cracks. They come in many colors, and can be blended and swirled.

The Waterborne Dye Stain Concentrates are great for coloring wood. They are expensive, but a quart will be a lifetime supply for most of us. I personally am going to live about four or five lifetimes, judging from my current inventory! I have used them straight, diluted with water, mixed into finish, even mixed into paint, all with good results.

The service has been great. I happen to live in the area, so I benefit from being able to drive over, but on the occasion when I couldn't, they shipped on the same day.

They also have no minimum order quantity. Most of the Mohawk products are impossible to get from other sources unless you buy a case, so this is a big plus.
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