Modesto Clips

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Chief TomaToe

Oct 6, 2017
Bloomington, Indiana
I have been making a number of pens with the Modesto kits (ExoticBlanks) lately, and I really like them. They are really attractive, and they are also inexpensive for a capped pen. A lot of people seem to like these because they can get a rollerball pen without spending as much on the more fancy models.

I am, however, seeking some advice concerning these kits that I'm hoping others might have experience with, namely the clips. The listing for these pens notes it is a, "traditional clip," and I'm not sure what that really means. I'm assuming it's referring to the fact that the clip/finial are one solid piece that press in together. When I do this, the clip prevents me from pressing in the piece into the brass tube straight on, and it is a little nerve wracking when pressing in that final piece. When it is pressed in all the way, the clip/finial is ever so slightly tilted in relation to the blank which leaves an uneven transition on the back end of the cap from the blank to the finial.

Since most people might not look that close, I haven't had anyone with those pens mention anything about it. But, it does kind of make me a little crazy...

Does anybody have any advice on how to mitigate this issue for these clips, or other clips like it? I've attached a picture that you can hopefully see my issue.



Feb 2, 2011
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Yeah, I see what you mean ... it is slight.

I would suggest, when you press the finial/clip in, that you put a tiny amount of 5-minute epoxy into the brass tube and then press in and LEAVE the assembly in the pen press for at least 15 minutes.

I am assuming that during the pressing in the alignment is correct so the glue should hold it that way.

I have done this with good success on different kits but I have not tried the Modesto.
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