Micro-Macro Pen Detail Pix

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Bob in SF

Feb 15, 2016
San Francisco
I took a series of micro-macro pictures of various pens throughout 2016 - initially to catalog my techniques and trouble shoot my finishes - but now realize the value of extreme close-up micro-macro photography for those who may want similar moods and details in commissioned pens.
I previously used my heavy Nikon D300 DSLR with a Nikkor 105 lens, but now use an Olympus TG4 point and shoot camera because it has remarkable micro-macro settings.
These pix were taken at 1-3cm distance, frame-stacked automatically by the camera after it shoots a rapid burst of pix at graduated focal lengths, then automatically composites the sequence to provide a micro-macro image with greater depth of field and detail - kind of remarkable. The first of the burst is saved along with the composite.
I have no financial attachment to Olympus, but am very pleased with the camera - rugged, waterproof, etc.:

Ocean Floor pen detail:

Warm regards to all - happy turning and shooting - Bob


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