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Dec 5, 2003
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Market Research

Market Research consists of posted questions and polls intended to assess the interest in, opinions about, or willingness to buy particular products. This practice enables vendors (or members who have a great product idea they want to pursue) to discover and understand the types of products and services the penmaking community wants. Market research activity must be conducted in the Market Research Forum.

The General Marketplace Rules also apply in this forum.

Market research questions might include:

  • "If we made X, would you buy it?"
  • "How much would you pay for X?"
  • “How many type X kits would you buy”
  • “What application do you have for product X?”
  • “Which of these styles or colors do you prefer?”
  • You may start one market research thread per month, six per year maximum
  • You may post up to five photos with your post or poll
  • Polls may run for a maximum of 10 days
  • Poll results may be hidden, but must be set to reveal when the poll closes
  • Do not reference competing products in your original question
  • Do not post links to outside web sites
  • Market research threads are closed in the same manner as for-sale threads; report the post
  • Market research threads are subject to closure after 30 days if prodctive input is essentially concluded

There is some unavoidable advertising when conducting market research, especially when discussing products you already sell. However, do not structure your market research posts to drive people to your web site or to simply publicize that you sell something. If in the opinion of the moderators you are trying to sneak an ad in disguised as market research, it will be deleted.

There is no rule in this forum limiting the number of followup posts by the OP. However, use this forum for its intended purpose: collecting information. Discussion can be helpful in this forum, but please don't followup every response with "great idea!" or "thanks for your input!"
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