Marc Adams School of Woodworking Class

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Jan 1, 2004
Wichita Falls, TX, USA.
Are you interested in Stabilizing, Casting, and Turning? If so, please consider joining Don Ward and Curtis Seebeck for our class, "Casting, Stabilizing, and Small Item Turning" at the world-renowned Marc Adams School of Woodworking near Indianapolis in September! This class will help you get up to speed quickly or help you improve on your casting, stabilizing, and small item turning and is a blast for all involved! Five full days of total immersion with two instructors that are very thorough and fun to work with! For more details and to sign up for the class, please visit for more information. All skill levels welcome from beginner to advanced!
I heard some chatter about another scholarship opportunity. I do not know the details. Contact Curtis for more accurate details.

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