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Nov 2, 2014
Bern, Switzerland

Tame-Oshidashi-Kawarinuri is the term for „experimental Lacquer“.
Oshidashi = Scroll Pattern, tame refers to the final transparent lacquer.
On red lacquer ground „Shû-Neri“ Scroll Pattern are applied with a brush and sprinkled with Gold and Silver powder.
After polishing the Gold pattern, many layers of transparent „Sugurome“ Urushi are applied,

finally ground flat and MIRROR polished.
With the time the Urushi lacquer will become more transparent and releases more of the Gold and Silver pattern

Shibui Standard
Total Length 150.00 mm Length Barrel incl. Nib 135.00 mm
Diameter Barrel 15.00 mm
Diameter Cap 17.00 mm
Weight +/- 28 gr.
Ink Supply Converter
Nib Size No.6
Nib Material 18 kt. Gold
Nib width EF/F/M/B

Atelier Price with Gold Nib CHF/USD 870.-
Atelier Price with Steel Nib CHF/USD 800.-

A Note on Urushi

Urushi lacquer is literally indestructible
The hardness of Urushi lacquer reaches Mohs 4, the hardness of Glass
Urushi Lacquer has strong antibacterial properties
Urushi lacquer is resistant against all known Acids and Alkalis
Urushi withstands heat up to 300 Degree Celsius
Only long and strong exposure to UV rays could destroy Urushi over time.
If treated appropriate somebody can write with it in 500 years

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