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May 18, 2014
Richmond, Va
There have been numerous threads discussing the addictive nature of pen turning. I have publicly announced my addiction. I have not publicly acknowledged one aspect of my addiction but will do so now. One of the springs on one of my garage doors recently gave of the ghost in a spectacular fashion scaring the crap out of my wife. The spring happened to be directly above numerous boxes of wood scraps that I have not been able to discard with the thought that there may be some scrap that might make pen blanks. After sweating to move stuff to replace the spring I decided that I should take the scraps to the burn pile. Along the way, I got side tracked to the bandsaw where I ended up cutting many of the scraps into pen blanks and had difficulty in discarding even the smallest and ugliest pieces of wood. One piece of walnut was so thin that it was barely sufficient for making a slimline. I could bring myself to throw it into the burn pile. Needing a pen fix, I turned it today in an effort to convince my wife that I am not totally crazy. She was not convinced. Not a great photo but you can see that the walnut did in fact have some nice figure.

mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
"...My name is Mark, and I am a pen timber hoarder and a member of pen hoarders anonymous..."

In proper fashion, no admittance of time in recovery was noted; as I'd estimate less than 6 hours :eek: as I imbibed in a 9" diameter Lilac Bush stump that grew for 35 years in my In-Laws back yard. My wife remembers sitting under the bush and making mud pies when she was a child 52 years ago.

Cody, you are equally addicted (at least you have good taste in your libations! No rot-gut there, only the good stuff!).

But seriously, lovely pen and well worth the blank being saved and appreciated.
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