Mammoth Tooth Technique

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Oct 4, 2018
Hey All

I just acquired about 3lbs of Stabilized Mammoth Tooth and I am wondering the best way to cut it into pen blanks.

I have a Laguna 18BX Bandsaw with a Carbide Tipped blade for wood and a horizontal slow speed liquid cooled bandsaw for metal.

Would I be better off using the slow liquid cooled metal bandsaw to cut the Mammoth Tooth? (It is hydraulically fed so I can make the cut speed extremely slow.)

Also, to turn it I assume carbide tipped tools and a lot of patience, correct?

“Pen Turning on the Rock”


Nov 29, 2006
Canberra, A.C.T., Australia.
I used a three wheeler bandsaw with a metal cutting fine tooth blade successfully. I suggest stabilising the pen bland as soon as possible helps. Yes you can use Carbide to turn but I found it tedious and needed constant resharpening of the tool with a diamond file(just a few strokes with the 4 way tool flat on the file).Because of age and some infirmatives I have to quit the manufacture of a specialised stone lathe. The basics were intended to be a diamond blade and a cooling device until down the best part of finished sizing then hand held chisel then fine papers and the finish will amaze you. The bands of silicone are hard and when you drill the blank use a drill if you do as I did designed to drill holes in files etc. If you would not consider it boring I am prepared to discuss this on the phone if you give me your phone number via a PM.

The easier way is to buy an already squared blank ,stabilised for making pens initially. Teeth are or can be fragile as well as stone like or petrified if you like. For around a hundred dollars also you can choose the colours some that defy description.With respect Marc.

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