Made a few with GBOT blanks

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Mar 19, 2017
Houston, Texas
I decided to turn a few of my prized blanks from George. My original intent was to turn one of the banksia bod blanks that I have, but I got too scared that I would screw them up. I also wanted to get my total up to at least 4 this month to meet my new year's resolution goal of 1 completed pen per week. I kept things simple and went with three sierra style single-barrel pens, two in cork burl (ellipse and gatsby grande) and one in bottlebrush root (aero click), all stabilized by me with CJ. I have already professed my love for the cork burl, and that hasn't changed. The bottlebrush is actually kind of similar to the cork but a little darker with some pink tones. I wish I could get a better photo of the bottlebrush, but I haven't yet mastered the black background (which I think is what is needed). I think I still like the cork a little better, but the bottlebrush is pretty sweet in its own right. Anyway, this makes 5 total for march and 19 for the year, well ahead of my goal for now.

Thanks to George for making these unique and beautiful woods available to us!


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Aug 6, 2009
Australia - SA Adelaide Hills
Thanks for the "plug", most appreciate...!

You certainly did those blanks justice, both kinds of wood have a very distinct grain pattern and colouration, the Cork burl has 2 main colours bark and light brown while the Bottle Brush root is one one of my most colourful woods, from yellow, red, orange, brown, green and everything else in between, each blank has its own look and character.

Unfortunately, the tree that produced that big root system was very old, the reason for its size but over the many years since I cut that tree down and salvage the root system, many blanks have been produced, raw, stabilised and Resifills so, ain't much left and I doubt I will ever get another one of these so and as so many other wood species that I have been selling for these last 12 years + some species are running out, the timber list will only become smaller over time, for obvious reasons...!:frown:

Thank you,



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