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Mar 6, 2016
Republic, MO
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In an effort to make some room around my shop, I'm selling off some of my kits. Limited quantities of each, with most only having one or two.

NOTE: If you get lost on my site, type "CLEARANCE" in the search bar at the top.

Kits initially listed below. (Though some may already be gone.)
Abraham Junior; Chrome/Gold; RB
American Patriot; Antique Pewter; BP
American Patriot; Chrome; BP
Chopper; Gold/Gun Metal; BP
Duke; Antique Silver; RB
El Grande; Black Titanium; RB
Elegant Beauty; Chrome/Black Chrome; BP
Elegant Beauty; Chrome/Gun Metal; BP
Elegant Emperor; Rhodium/Black Titanium; Fountain
Elegant Monarch w/ Circle; Black Titanium/Platinum; BP
Elegant Monarch w/ Circle; Gun Metal/Antique Bronze; BP
Elegant Monarch w/ Circle; Gun Metal/Antique Rose Copper; BP
Elegant Monarch w/ Cross; Black Titanium/Platinum; BP
Fireman's (Click); Chrome; BP
Harold; Black Titanium; RBHarold; Chrome; RB
Majestic Junior; Rhodium/22Kt Gold; RB
Majestic Squire; Gold Titanium/Black Titanium; BP
Majestic Squire; Gold Titanium/Chrome; BP
Majestic; Rhodium/Black Titanium; Fountain
Majestic; Rhodium/Black Titanium; RB
Marker Armor; Chrome; BP
Milton; Chrome; RB
Mistral; Rhodium/Black Titanium; Fountain
Mistral; Rhodium/Black Titanium; RB
Mistral; Rhodium/Gold; FountainMistral; Rhodium/Gold; RB
Monarch; Blue/Chrome;
BPMonarch; Chrome/Aura; BPMonarch; Gold/Black Titanium; BP
Monarch; Gold/Chrome; BP
Monarch; Green/Chrome; BP
Monarch; Gun Metal/Black Chrome; BP
Monarch; Red/Chrome; BP
Multi Function Pen/Tool; Gold; BP
Music; 24Kt Gold; BP
Music; Antique Brass; BP
Music; Chrome; BP
Nautical; Antique Brass; BP
Nautical; Antique Pewter; BP
Nouveau Sceptre; 24kt Gold/Chrome; BP
Nouveau Sceptre; Gold Titanium/Chrome; BP
Nouveau Sceptre; Gun Metal/24Kt Gold; BP
Panache; Black Chrome; BP
Panache; Rhodium; BP
Princeton; Black Titanium; BP
Princeton; Gold Titanium; BP
Princeton; Platinum; BP
Shakespeare; Brushed Stainless Steel; CONV
Shakespeare; Polished Stainless Steel; RB
Sirocco; Black Chrome; BP
Slimline Fancy; Gold; BP & Pensil Set
Wall St II Grip; Chrome/Gold; BP
Wall St II Grip; Chrome/Gun Metal; BP
Wall St II Grip; Gun Metal/Chrome; BP
Wall St II; Gun Metal/Carbon Fiber; BP


Nov 20, 2010
Saskatoon SK., Canada.
Any chance the Nouveau Scepters are the old ones that resemble a Cigar pen in size and the two tubes? PDKBBP was the PSI kit identification.
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