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Dec 5, 2003
Westlake, OH, USA.
On the old site, we had something called the "Links Manager". Basically, this was a library of links for member & vendor sites, references, etc.

I've started recreating the collection of Reference Links, but I need your help in recreating the vendor and member links.

If you sell or display you pens on a web site, please go to the Member Pen Sites category, click "add resource" and add your site. It works just like the posting window, so insert the link with the link tool on the editing window. Write something about your site, include an image if you like.

If you are a vendor and you sell penmaking supplies, kits, blanks, etc., please go to the Vendors category and add your site as well.

I'd just like to get some sites in the database right now. Eventually, we'll feature these prominently on the home page.

Note that just as on our old site, once you submit a link, it has to be approved before it will display.

Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect. I'll be glad to edit it for you. :)
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