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Jan 6, 2009
Sandston, Va
Ok Woodcrafters is only available during the weekday so pick a day i need to know ASAP so i can let Ray know what day it will be. I know some of you out side of Richmond wanted a weekend. Once this gets going we can try and meet some where else on a weekend every so often but until we can find another place Woodcrafters has ofered there space. And I believe he will give us a discount on supplies there. So the time frame for the day choice will end on 5th of March and then i or someone else who may get to Ray before me set it up with him and Make an anoucement on this forum with the Date and Time and also at Woodcrafters in the Pen isle. Any Question? If you would like to take to me Please feel free to call me at 804-640-2914.
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