Last of my original coworkers

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Aug 28, 2021
Mid Michigan
So I originally started out with a company in 2007 that got acquired in 2013 and have slowly been watching my coworkers from the old company either retire or promote to other areas of our business. I recently accepted a promotion (start tomorrow) and am leaving behind the last original co-worker who used to be my boss and was actually part of my original interview to get the job. Known her for almost 15 years….

When I realized; she’s the only boss I’ve had who I haven’t given a pen to since I started a year and a half ago. She deserved something nice so I dug into my blanks box and selected a resin blank my daughter helped me pick the colors for and I though fit with my friend/co-workers personality. Unfortunately due to weather I was unable to deliver it myself so my current boss took it to her for me yesterday and she was super excited when she called to thank me.

Crooked Mill Tec Pen with an Alumilite blank.


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