Large Kitless Amedeo Blue

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Jul 6, 2019
Hi All,

I finished this one over a period several weeks, when I could find the time. Materials:

- Amedeo Blue acrylic from Exotic Blanks,
- Gold-plated bands from Richard Greenwald,
- Brass center band from Alan at Coin Ring Memories on Etsy,
- Round, gold-plated ring within center band from Alaridesign on Etsy,
- Clip from Beaufort Ink,
- Gold, stubbed Bock #8 triplet from FPNibs.

It's a big pen, as you can see in comparison to the Pilot Custom 742. It's actually about 1/2-inch longer than the ASC Bologna Extra model, but my pen is much lighter (indeed, lighter than a a Junior Gent kit pen).

I wanted a large pen, so this was a new design and, basically, the pen from hell. New things included using the M14 for threading, testing the design of an upper section to get my threads straight and shiny while not worrying about the step, tapping and fashioning a lower section for a Bock #8 (which has a thicker lip than the #6 and which I wanted to hide), attaching a large center band, and gluing on smaller bands.

Including what ended up being used, I went through 4 upper sections, 2 lower sections, and 2 caps.

The center band ended being off-center the first time. That is, when looking down the body of the pen, the tiny gap where the body slips inside the center band was uneven (the body and cap meet deeper within the center band, so the nib does not dry out). I tried to ignore it, but it drove me nuts. So, last night I melted the epoxy, cleaned the ring and cap, fashioned a threaded piece to center it, coated it in silicone grease, and re-glued everything and let it set over night.

Lots of other things went wrong, but were (mostly) fixed with persistence. Some of this could have been lessened if I had planned better. But mostly, I feel I was aiming for sub-millimeter accuracy beyond what I can reliably achieve.

I need to jot down notes for the future. But I'm probably going to avoid making something this large and complicated for awhile, unless I can figure out ways to reduce the effort. And the garage is still really hot these days.

Thanks for looking (and any CC welcome).


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