Knitting sticks

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Jul 9, 2016
I’ve made a few of these for friends who knit. They are based upon sticks used by lead miners to allow them to knit as they walked into and out of the mines. Hence they are of substantial girth ( about 7/8” ) at widest point as you don’t want to misplace them or scramble around in the dark.. Originals would be whatever wood was found locally probably ash, lime, elm as easily worked on a pole lathe. I have made one on a pole lathe and it’s not for the feint hearted. A power lathe makes things much easier.

The knitting needle fits into the depression hole on the end of the stick. The stick is then inserted in the waist band leaving the hands free to manipulate the other needle and wool for knitting.
B3FB244D-2B04-4D68-BD65-7F98E26E4F5C.jpegside view

Some other types of these were carved from a flat piece so look like a donkeys hind leg and fit round the hip bone . Fun to make practicing skew chisel work. Would keep you busy for a while Hank??
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