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Jan 25, 2006
Forest Hill, Maryland, USA.
I'm continuing to let go of items I no longer need as I am no longer doing pen shows and the like. The bargains continue! This time it's the remainder of my pen kits. There most likely will be several postings for the kits due to the number I have available. All of the kits I'm listing are for sale at significantly lower prices than I paid for them or currently available. The items are listed in no particular order therefore you might need to check all of the postings to determine if you have interest in something.

Please understand that I'm not trying to undercut our vendors I simply need to get these things to a new "home".

Also, due to the age of some of the kits, the refills could be dried out.

Item 9 are Comfort pens and pencils. I have various platings available. All of the pens are $3.00 each and all of the pencils are $4.00 each, regardless of plating.

Titanium gold pen, qty 1
Black titanium pen, qty 3
Black enamel pen, qty 9
Bright copper pen, qty 1
Satin pen, qty 1
Platinum pen, qty 3

Titanium gold pencil, qty 2
Black titanium pencil, qty 4
Black enamel pencil, qty 5
Bright copper pencil, qty 1
Satin pencil, qty 4
Platinum pencil, qty 5

Item 10 is a PSI Bolt action pen sampler set. One is gunmetal, one is chrome and one is gold. The set includes the unused bushings for the kits and is $35.00. SOLD

Item 11 are PSI Traditional style roller-ball kits. There are two versions of this kit and I have some of both. The basic difference in the two types is the length of the finial. The kits regardless of version are $4.00 each. I'll post a photo.

Version 1, in gold, qty 8
Version 2, in gold, qty 7

Item 12 is the Elegant American pen also known as a Hart Double Twist pen. I have 3 in gold titanium plating and they are $7.00.

Item 13 is the El Grande kit in roller-ball and fountain pen.

Upgrade gold roller-ball, qty 1, $13.00
Black titanium fountain pen, qty 1, $15.00

Item 14 is the El Presidente kit roller-ball These kits were also known as Robusto and Havana. They are $10.00 each regardless of plating.

Gold titanium roller-ball, qty 5
Rhodium roller-ball, qty 2,

Item 15 are full sized Majestic roller-ball and fountain pens. Note that they are Rhodium plated and not chrome plated.

Rhodium and Black titanium fountain pen, qty 1, $40.00
Rhodium and 22k gold roller-ball, qty 1, $40.00
Rhodium and 22k gold fountain pen, qty 1, $45.00

Item 16 is the Oxford pen kit. Please note that this is not the same as the PSI marketed Oxford pen. These were stocked by Woodcraft and had a decorative center band. I'll post a photo for reference with this message. The kits are all upgrade gold, qty 10 and $5.00 each. SOLD!

I'll cover the cost of packing materials but buyer will pay shipping via USPS. All items will be sent via appropriately sized flat rate box. The items will be sold in the order in which responses are received either here or via PM to be fair to all. Thanks for looking.

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