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Mar 10, 2014
Kitless pen blanks are now available through my website at This is an unlisted part of the page intended for pen makers.

I have been making blanks longer than I've been making kitless pens. And for years the blanks have sold through someone else. However, that has now changed and I am scraping 100's of recipes put together over the past 8 years. New creations are being made, some favorites will be kept or updated but most are going away.

All blanks are made with Alumilite only. They are all 3/4"x~8" and round. I no longer make 5" round or square blanks.

The blanks are not named in the traditional manner. Instead they are given an alphanumeric designation as a part number that I use in house. The number in front of the letter indicates how many colors are used in the blank. The letter just denotes where it is in the recipe list. For example 8-C would indicate 8 colors used and it is the 3rd on my list of blanks with 8 colors.

There are 3 separate shipping options when checking out. All of which are USPS Flate Rate Priority.

• For 1-14 blanks, choose the Small Flat Rate option for $9.45

• For 15-23 blanks, choose the $9.65 option which is a larger box in a padded envelope.

• For 24 or more blanks, choose the Medium Flat Rate box for $16.10

Tracking is provided by email from the website when the blanks ship out.

Thank you all for checking out the blanks and check back often for new materials coming out.


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