Kitless Contest - Finals runners up

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Mar 17, 2010
Lyn, Ontario, Canada
Here we are the runners up from the Kitless contest finals.
It was a great run and a fabulous competition. I am very proud of the turn out we had this year.

Here are they are. Position 4-6.
(for 7-13 click here)
(for the winners click here)

4th Place
Brad Cooper........................username @Ironwood
Entry 08 1A.jpg

5th Place
Fred Bruche........................username @Fred Bruche

Entry 13 1C.jpg

6th Place
Fred Garbrecht ...............user @FGarbrecht
Entry 06 1A.jpg


May 31, 2010
Mackay. Australia
Well done to all of you and especially to Brad (Ironwood) for flying the Ozzie flag. Well done.

Brad, that is one of the neatest bullet pens I have seen in a long time!
Thanks Fred.
It’s good to have these competitions, to push ourselves into new directions and improving on old ones.
When I sat down one afternoon to design a pen for this competition, I had no idea I would end up with this design.
I had a couple of other things in mind, which were quickly dismissed when I worked out the limitations. This one almost didn’t make it as well. Fitting a Rollerball refill in between the two 458 cases wasn’t easy, Adding the clip and machining the adapters ate up precious millimeters.
I had intentions of adding this pen to the lineup that I sell, but amount of work that is required would probably rule out a decent return on what I could sell it for. A few of my regular customers have said they want one, so I will probably do a limited run of them , then call it quits on this one. Maybe.
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