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Local Chapter Manager
Mar 25, 2005
Racine, WI, USA.
ExoticBlanks forum will immediately become "EdStreet Free Zone".

Anyone wishing to post positive comments here, or post pens to show off blanks they purchased from ExoticBlanks and want to show the world, will not have to suffer Ed's comments.

He has blocked Dawn and I and a few of our friends from seeing him on Facebook, where I am told he "knocks" us frequently. So, we are using this area for a safe refuge for our friends, who are too refined to use the words that would accurately reflect upon Ed's observations. Those who enjoy Ed will continue to find him and his followers on Facebook in the "penturners forum" where no one utters the words "exoticblanks".

For a frame of reference, Ed used to call me several times a week, to speak for an hour at a time. His disdain for me and exotics started when I was no longer willing to waste this time rehashing the same information, day after day. Hopefully, he is now spending that time with his "new friends".

I welcome comments, by PM.

(erasing the target on my back)
Not open for further replies.
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