June '15 Penturners meeting

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Sep 3, 2009
San Antonio, TX 78247
A good meeting this month, although shorter than usual.
A good demo on the procedures, problems, and other issues in turning Antler materials. JR Palmer showed methods for determining the best way to drill the blank based on the desired presentation of the surface of the antler and the shape of the blank. Also, discussed were turning and applying a finish on the completed blank.
"Show and Tell" entertained the members with several pens of wood, antler, and acrylics - folks have been busy making some interesting pens. Decals seem to be adding to the interesting pens.
Bring back raffle found many blanks and other wood finding new homes. Hope we see new pens next meeting from the blanks.
As always, there was some good sharing of tips and other turning stories.