For Sale Jumbo TruStone Blanks and Italian Madreperlato

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Feb 22, 2012
Las Cruces, NM
During my shop clean-up I came across some blanks I won't be using and hopefully someone may have an interest in them.

Lot 1 - Three Jumbo TruStone blanks that are 7/8 square by 5-1/2 long. They are White with a Copper Matrix. I photographed all four sides and hope this helps.
These would lend themselves to larger pen kits or perhaps kit-less pens.
I am asking $70 shipped for the lot. SOLD

Lot 2 - This lot has 4 Italian Madreperlato blanks and two Turtle blanks made by Invisible Blanks ( IAP member Invisible Man ) The three Madreperlato blanks from The Classic Nib measure 3/4 square by 5-3/4 long. The one from ExoticBlanks measures 3/4 by 7/8 by 5-1/4 long.
The Turtle blanks measure 3/4 square by 5-1/4 long.
I would like to get $38 shipped for this lot.


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