Jowo#6 and pilot parallel pen nib?

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May 30, 2023
I've had someone inquire if the Jowo#6 and Pilot Parallel nib are interchangeable? I have no idea, is there anyone here that could enlighten me?
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I briefly looked into this at one point.

A video out there uses an Opus 88 with a parallel nib. The Opus 88 is a Jowo #6. It is my understanding that this does not work with every Jowo section. Basically, you would need to remove the Jowo, and friction fit the Pilot in your section. It may or may not leak, depending on the fit. I have read a few times where people have tried this, and it did not work.

There is a second video below that I saved at one point showing the parallel system fitting into a custom pen, but I don't know what threads are being used on the pen. She basically takes the whole unit out of the parallel pen and threads it into the barrel threads. I never pursued this, so I don't know the answer.

I think the better method would be to alter your section to accept the Parallel nib and housing as a friction fit. Here is one I found on Etsy to give you an idea. Another slight possibility would be to take a look at the flexible nib factory and see if they have a feed for the Parallel that fits into a Jowo housing, but I don't believe they do.

I did find this. Would this indicate they are compatible or no?

The deal is someone from outside the country is asking if I can modify a pen I make to accommodate a pilot parallel nib, our sections are tapped for a Jowo#6. This is really outside my wheelhouse so I'm at a loss.


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I would think not unless you can convert your pen to eyedropper fill (a standard converter will not work) and you have modeled your section on the Opus 88. Chances are that a friction fit will not be a perfect fit with your section, but I am not certain.

They are relatively inexpensive. Maybe get one and make a body that works with the Parallel section/housing, friction fit your own section for the feed, or see if the housing threads into your pen body. If you measure and figure out the threads on the Parallel housing, I imagine fitting the housing on a pen body would be relatively straightforward.

Below is a picture from a blog I bookmarked when I looked into this last year for a friend but never made the pen. I planned to make a barrel that threads with the housing shown and use the Pilot cartridges. The eyedropper fill with a section built to accept the feed would be the more elegant method. I haven't done an eyedropper fill, so I passed on that idea.


picture used from blog
I think I am going to buy one just out of curiosity. I'm really not wanting to make all kinds of modifications in order to sell a pen to this person, but if it works then that's fine.

I know someone who makes an eyedropper modification work with his pens buy making a container of sorts for the ink that fits within the body and then using a small o ring to seal, others use silicone grease to seal.
Yes. I have talked to a few people who don't do any modifications for an eyedropper. Tight threads, silicone grease, and an o-ring are all that they add. Drilling a tiny breather hole next to the feed nipple is another tip I received to modify the pen to an eyedropper.
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