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Feb 11, 2010
Park Forest, Illinois
I placed my first order for some corian blanks with Jazncaar at the end of January. Jaz was very friendly and was willing to work with me on color preferences and order sizes. I got the order placed and then the adventure with U.S.P.S began.

3 weeks later..... the U.S.P.S. finally admitted they lost the first package. The second package that arrived looked like it had been through a war zone. The box had been broken, taped back up and then delivered to me with Half the contents missing.

I told Jazncarr what happened and sent him some photos of how the package arrived. He was quick to deal with the multiple issues with the post office. He always kept me informed of the progress, or lack there of with the USPS.

I know he's had to take a hit sending me out extra blanks to cover what the post office has lost but he never lost his patience in dealing with this matter.

The blanks I have received are very nice. Quite a few color ranges and spec sizes. A couple nice black with copper flecks that look very cool. Can't wait to turn something with those. The price is right for anyone that turns small pens (7mm) if that's you and you're looking for some corian talk to Jazncarr he will take good care of you, even when things go awry and to me that's what really matters.
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