Jarrah and stabilized maple and buckeye burl

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Nov 20, 2004
Sequim, Wa, USA.
I have two groups of jarrah burl.

Group 1: 12 jarrah blanks, these are stable and dry for over 10 years. The eyes have opened up which is common for jarrah growing in the Australian desert. They are great for casting or using your favorite crushed stone. $15 for the group.

Group 2: 12 primo jarrah blanks with awesome eyes, most are 5 inches some longer some shorter with natural edge perfect for casting. $25 of if no one wants them all I will split them into two groups.

Group 3: I pulled out a bunch of spalted maple and buckeye burl. All the blanks are stabilized and ones I have been keeping so they are super nice. I did not sand them all down due to time and not sure I got them all in the picture but these are awesome blanks. I was hoping to sell as a whole lot at a discounted price of 4.00 per blank. I have 16 spalted maple and 11 buckeye blanks. most are 3/4 but some are 7/8 +. $108 total. If you buy them all I will throw in two stabilized amboyna two tone blanks. Money back if you are not happy.


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