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Jun 9, 2017
Columbus, Nebraska, USA
Greetings from Nebraska!

My most recent project was this Blue Titanium Cigar pen kit and Blue Sky Rhino blank both from Bear Tooth Woods. I think the blank was a nice complement to the Blue Titanium plating. I painted the inside of the blank with Testors Blue but I don't know if I really needed to - better safe than sorry I guess.

I have another Blue Titanium Cigar kit from Bear Tooth Woods and a "Smoke on the Water" DiamondCast Alumilite blank from McKenzie Penworks in the queue, but I will most likely change things up a little by using a different style kit and a wood blank next.

Comments and critiques are welcome and will be taken in the spirit offered.

Best Regards,
Dave (egnald)

IMG_0784 Cropped.jpg
IMG_0785 Cropped.jpg
IMG_0786 Cropped.jpg

PS. I also make a non-pen project in the workshop yesterday. If you are interested it is posted in the "Other Things We Make" forum.
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