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Jul 9, 2004
South of Casa Grande, AZ, USA.
Gosh, I haven't been able to turn since before Christmas! [:0] Finally got in the shop this week and I'm sure Murphy[}:)] was waiting for me! I blew out half of the first 4 pens and was about to tear my hair out:(. Finally tried this pink ivory and wow, it came out good:D. I do have a question though - the back end does not match the hardware in size and it was done down to the bushing. Why? I had trouble figuring out where to put those little "o" rings too, the directions weren't real clear. Do I have them in the right place? The kit is a Classic Elite Rollerball. Comments are sure welcome![^] Thanks for looking!

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I don't see any picture for the O-ring example, if you meant to post one. Also what was the kit type?

Ok, now I see the pic [:D]

The O-Rings: (at least where I put mine [:)]
looking at the body of the pen, you have both ends with the threaded coupler (where the cap screws on) the O-ring goes just past the threads, next to the body of the pen. Hope that makes sense.

you should be able to see the O-Rings on this pic

Great looking pen. I love Pink Ivory and you did it justice with this kit. I'm sorry I can't help you with the O rings as I have never made this kit before.
See what happens when you stay away from the shop to long. [:D]
Glad to see a pen from you again.
the pink ivory is very nice. Good one. [:)]
Nice looking pen, Bev.

Originally posted by Bev Polmanteer<br />.....the back end does not match the hardware in size and it was done down to the bushing. Why.....

Other people have had that same problem with other kits!! Not real common; but it does happen. The most common reason for the problem is that the bushings are not sized properly. Either the bushing was not manufactured to the correct diameter or somewhere along the line the wrong bushing was put in the package. The solution to this problem is to buy an inexpensive micrometer or vernier caliper or both and measure the bushings to be sure they match the hardware "BEFORE" you turn the pen.

I'm not familiar with that particular kit; but another problem is that some kits come with 4 bushings instead of 3.....Statesman Jr. for instance. The bushings for the pen barrel are the same size; but the bushings for the cap differ by about 2 hundredths. If you got them reversed there would be a problem.
I ditto Randy's suggestions . I have gotten into the same habits of measuring . I , personally , find a micrometer easier to use while the blank is on the lathe and due to the fact that sometimes the bushings do wear down due to turning and sanding , I only use the bushings as a rough guide .
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