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Nov 1, 2015
While I was making the coaster, I rediscovered a few crates of colorants that were tucked away on a shelf with some of the 1/4" solid surface.
I was going through the crates, opening the containers, and started getting some inspiration. I haven't stopped thinking about all of these new ideas I have, since then. It will require ordering some resin.

It's interesting applying these to the hands, and see the amazing colors, but I use a solid black piece of solid surface, to really show the effects.

Has anyone ever considered hosting a casting party, or even a casting class?
Maybe a small fee for a class, to cover the costs of materials, so attendees wouldn't have to purchase everything required to cast (descent amount of investment), so new casters could try their hand at casting, or even seasoned casters to have a little fun. This would create an opportunity for the new casters, to determine if they would like to pursue casting, and make the investment for the materials and continue.

A simple casting party, would allow casters to share their colorants, wisdom, and techniques. Undoubtedly, casters don't have every possible colorant, and might find something new to them. Just bring the casting materials of your choice, and maybe include something for a potluck lunch, or pitch in a little for pizzas, subs, burgers, or whatever.
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