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Aug 22, 2004
What is an IAP Chapter?

An IAP Chapter is a formalized, local structure whose purpose is to extend the guiding principles of the IAP to face-to-face meetings. For those of you who have not met other pen makers, it is a marvelous way to expand your circle of friends as well as to share knowledge first hand which is sometimes difficult to effective explain in the online world. Additionally, face-to-face meetings gives each member a chance to introduce friends and families to the hobby in a more social environment where everyone gets a chance to participate and enjoy the hobby to their own desired level of involvement.

How Do I Start A Chapter?

To form a Chapter, you need a minimum of 5 people committed to participate in at least one meeting per year. More meetings are encouraged, but each group may set its own meeting frequency.

Once you have 5 members ready to roll and want to set up your first meeting, contact me and I will set up a sub-forum for your Chapter. Keep in mind that the Chapter sub-forum is not a substitute for the rest of the IAP forums but simply a location to post Chapter specific activities.

An IAP chapter will establish an organization where members can benefit from locally directed programs that aid members in many ways:
  • Improving their pen making skills
  • Provides localized volume purchase of turning supplies and materials
  • Facilitates getting to know and work with other pen turners
What do We Get When We Start?

First, you get the same privileges and responsibilities that you currently enjoy as a member of the IAP. Second, each Chapter will have a sub-forum of www.penturners.org created for discussing and posting items which are of particular interest in the geography served. Third, you will get the grateful appreciation of folks who want the fellowship and/or need the hands-on experience that a local organization can provide.
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