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Apr 5, 2009
I recently recieved a dvd from another IAP member to learn to use the skew chisel. The DVD is "The Skew Chisel with Allan Batty" from CSUSA. I plan to keep it for another month or two, and then pass it to the next person that needs it. But before i do this, I had an idea for an actual library for IAP.

It could be a perk for a paid card holding membership to the site or something maybe... It could be handled by one person, kinda like netflix, only with a time limit. The person that wants to "check out" materials would have to first meet all requirements for the site, and then paypal the shipping costs. When they recieve the material, it would include the return packaging and shipping. etc. etc. etc.

I would volunteer to be the "librarian" if this is a viable idea. It wouldn't cost the site anything, as I am sure there are other members that would gladly donate learning materials for a IAP library (Including myself with Keith Rowley's book and accompanying vhs and probably some other materials somewhere too), and it could be an excellent resource for young turners that have limited access to other turners.

I will try to remember to check this thread, but someone can PM me with any thoughts or etc.

Thanks for your time!



Dec 18, 2009
Oak Leaf, TX

There are copyright material issues here. Many DVDs are sold only for the use of original purchaser. I realize these do get passed around but that is on an informal basis. To advertise and distribute commercially is a whole different ballgame.


Jun 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
As long as the DVD is not duplicated or shown in a public forum where a price for admission is charged, it would not be illegal. I know a bit about copyright law.

However, asking the copyright holders for permission would be a great idea, and they might even supply the IAP with FREE copies of the DVD because it's really good viral marketing to do so, and they cost the publisher pennies to manufacture, far less than a printed book.
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