IAP Collection Display Update

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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
The IAP Collection will be on display in a few weeks at the 2018 MPG. Also plans are being made for a possible display at a regional AAW Conference (Pennsylvania) later this year. Hopefully there will another road trip planned with multiple stops for 2019, possibly heading... WEST!:cowboy:

So far the IAP Collection has been quietly making appearances at various gatherings (24 viewings/with a 30-45 minutes discussion):


4/17/2015: MPG (Midwest Penturner's Gathering), Champaign, Illinois
5/1/2015: MAPG (Midatlantic Penturner's Gathering), Richmond, Virginia
10/25/2015: Wisconsin IAP Chapter Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
11/21/2015: Indianapolis IAP Chapter Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana
2/27/2016: FLGAPG (Florida/Georgia Penturner's Gathering), Tampa, Florida
4/2/2016: Totally Turning Symposium, Saratoga Springs, New York
4/9/2016: MPG, Wadsworth, Ohio
5/14/2016: MAPG, Richmond, Virginia
10/12/2016: Minnesota IAP Chapter Meeting/Penapalooza, Minneapolis, Minnesota
4/8/2017: MPG Wadsworth, Ohio
9/9/2017: Carolina/Piedmont, NC IAP Chapter
9/14/2017: Richmond, VA IAP Chapter
9/16/2017: Georgia IAP Chapter
10/14/2017: Chicagoland IAP Chapter
10/21/2017: Ohio IAP Chapter


9/12/2015: Webberville, Michigan
1/21/2016: Independence, Ohio
2/29/2016: Cocoa Beach, Florida
3/4/2016: Indianapolis, Indiana
3/22/2016: Phoenix, Arizona
4/25/2016: Columbus, Ohio
6/7/2016: Canton, Ohio
8/27/2016: Medina, Ohio
9/12/2017: Durham, NC
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