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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
For those of you who are unaware of it... IAP has a


(AKA- The IAP Collection)

Look here for more info: The IAP Collection

Last year was the first year for additions to the collection through BASH contests.
After feedback and some time to consider how the collection is growing, modifications have been made for the 2016 BASH.

So, for 2016:

1. There will be no final contest voting pens into the IAP Collection.
2. The winners of the following contests have the option to donate their pen to be included in the IAP Collection.
3. Contests: Ballpoint; Advanced; Kitless; Slimline Unlimited; Hunter's Paradise.
4. If the winners decline, then the second place finishers will be offered the opportunity to donate their pen.
5. The option will not extend to the third place winners.
6. There will be no additional prize or compensation beyond what each winner obtained in their respective contest category.

Reasons for the changes from last year:

1. A second contest is not a "blind" vote as the winners were already named.
2. As there may be 5 pens eligible to be added, compensation could be a burden to IAP.
3. With more categories eligible, the collection will have more diversity and reflect the interests of the membership.
4. As much as we love the Freestyle creations, transportation, storage, etc is a challenge.

These were last years additions:

View in Gallery

View in Gallery

We wish all the entries to the contests to have fun, and if
Fame, Glory and Inspiration to others
appeals to you, you may have the opportunity to be part of The IAP Collection.

Note: So far the IAP Collection has/is scheduled to be displayed at:

2015 - MPG
2015 - MAPG
2015 - Indiana Chapter
2015 - Wisconsin Chapter
2016 - FLGAPG
2016 - MPG
2016 - MAPG
2016 - AAW Totally Turning Symposium
2016 - Ohio Chapter​
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