IAP Activity Rules (Rev. 7/1/13)

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Mar 9, 2009
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Rules Governing IAP Activities.

If any of these rules governing IAP activities are found to conflict with the IAP’s Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, or other established forum wide rule or policy, the forum wide rule or policy takes precedent.

Examples of IAP Activities include, but are not limited to, swaps, contests, challenges, chain activities (i.e. items passed from one member to another member), fund raising, charitable support or any other activity declared to be an IAP activity by the Administrator or Activities Manager of the IAP.

Fund raising that occurs on the IAP will be for the support of the IAP. Exceptions to this rule can be granted by the Administrator or Activities Manager on a case by case basis.

Members who are involved in fund raising efforts outside of the IAP may inform the IAP membership of the fund raising effort by posting the information in the Casual Conversation forum. No actual fund raising will occur on the IAP site unless approved by the Administrator of Activities Manager.

Local chapters are permitted to conduct fund raisers and engage in activities as they see fit provided the activity or fund raiser is done locally. Anything having to do with any activity or fund raiser that is posted anywhere on the IAP site is subject to these rules.

All IAP activities will be posted in the Activities Manager forum.

All activities are to be approved by the Activities Manager, Administrator or their designate. Any activity posted by a member without first obtaining approval to do so will be closed until such time as the activity is discussed and approved by the Activities Manager, Administrator or their designate.

To be eligible to participate in any IAP activity the member must have his or her first and last name posted in their profile and be able to be contacted through the IAP’s private messaging system or email. The member must have completed all previous IAP activity obligations (i.e. completed SWAPS, forwarded items in chain activities, etc.)

Any member who fails to complete an obligation that negatively impacts one or more participants in an activity (i.e. fails to send a pen or blanks in a PITH or swap, fails to forward items in a chain activity within a reasonable amount of time, etc.) will be excluded from future activities. Members who are excluded from IAP activities due to failure to complete an obligation can regain eligibility to participate in IAP activities by performing a service to the IAP as directed by the Activities Manager or Administrator.

No member will be excluded from any activity based upon their location of residence. All participants in IAP activities must be willing to ship items internationally as needed.

The IAP does not accept registration from anyone under the age of 13. Members with children under the age of 13 who want their children to participate in IAP activities are responsible for providing and controlling access of the child to the forum. Parents can sign up their children to participate according to rules and are responsible for all aspects of the child’s participation.
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