How to keep an edge

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Jan 2, 2012
Green Bay, Wi
Maybe where to keep an edge would be a better title. This is a case I made to display a few of my pens along with my Chinese Regal Dagger. The woods used are Ebony, Walnut, Birch, Maple, and dyed green veneer. Top decorations are Gold Foil on the outside and metal filigree sprayed gold on the inside. Mortised brass hinges on lid with brass locks on front along with a gold filigree center piece with turquoise stone. Insert segments are Ebony and green veneer. Pen trays are maple painted Wedgewood Green and lined with black felt. Knife tray is Walnut with red flocked insert. Case is 18" X 6" X 2 3/4" high. Dagger is 15"s long. Sorry for the poor quality photos, but I was fighting with the shine off of the 30 coats of hand rubbed lacquer. Jim S


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