How to Dry a Large Burl

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Oct 4, 2018
Hey All

In the past year I've found a few beautiful Burls in the Newfoundland woods. Today, I found a 20+ pound Birch Burl and after a cold ATV ride I got the beauty home.

In the past I've always sliced burls into 2.25" thick slices, let those dry to sub 9% and re-sawed them down to pen blanks. (I store the slices on a rack in my garage and 2-3 months later they are dried enough to re-saw into pen blanks.) I don't have access to a kiln, but this method seems to work well.

Does anyone else have any alternative ideas for drying a large Burl? One this big would take a lifetime to dry if I didn't slice it up.

Also, does it make a difference what direction you slice a round Burl? Seems to me either way produces nice results as the grain is all over the place.

Here is a pic of today's treasure. It seems like 2 burls grew into one.


“Pen Turning on the Rock”
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